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Introducing our law firm


Within the body of AGA LAW Law Office, International Law Department, Consultancy Department, Litigation Department, Criminal Department, Enforcement Department, Intellectual and Property Rights Department and sub-departments of these departments are Business Law, Health Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Contracts, Tax Law, Marine It operates in areas such as Commercial Law, Energy Law, Real Estate Law, Press Law, Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Consumer Law, Competition Law, Foreigners and Citizenship Law.



Corporate Law

AGA LAW Law Office specializes in the establishment, dissolution, merger/acquisition and conversion of domestic and foreign companies in the field of Corporate Law.


Investment and Industry Law

AGA LAW Law Office , with its experienced staff, provides legal services and consultancy services to investors who want to invest and to companies who want to progress in the field of industry.


International Transactions

AGA LAW Law Office represents its domestic and foreign clients in the field of International Transactions and Dispute Resolution, in international commercial transactions or commercial disputes.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

AGA LAW Law Office has experience in the pursuit of all kinds of litigation and arbitration procedures at the national and international level. In the field of Litigation Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, it deals with cases related to disputes arising from commercial contracts and foreign arbitration...


Consumer Law

AGA LAW Law Office provides services in the field of Consumer Law  in all sectors, in solving the conflicting issues in the Consumer Arbitration Committee and Consumer Courts, in the fields of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, the Code of Obligations, the Commercial Code, etc. related regulations.


Criminal law

AGA LAW Law Office provides all kinds of advocacy and consultancy services to its clients in the field of Criminal Law, starting from the investigation stage.


Energy and Mining Law

AGA LAW Law Office provides consultancy services in electricity, wind, natural gas, solar energy, as well as renewable energy fields such as biomass and biofuel, in production, distribution and financing.


Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

AGA LAW Law Office conducts extensive research in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law for the purpose of determining all movable, real estate and rights and receivables of third parties in the enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables.


Real Estate Law

AGA LAW Law Office specializes in real estate project development; Providing consultancy services to property owners and investors on the transfer and management of property, as well as real estate buying, selling, leasing...

A government can only be based on justice. Independence, future, freedom, everything exists with justice.


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