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AGA LAW Law Office conducts extensive research in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law for the purpose of determining all movable, real estate and rights and receivables of third parties in the enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables. Services in this field also include litigation in execution courts and general courts for the resolution of disputes between the creditor/debtor and third parties.


Some of the other services provided by AGA LAW Law Office in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law:


• Execution and bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of receivables

• Debt settlement negotiations between debtor or creditor clients and the other party and signing the settlement agreements made into a protocol

• Postponement of Bankruptcy

• Resolution of disputes of banks arising from loan agreements


Everyone has to prove their claim with evidence obtained through legal means and methods. The claim cannot be accepted as true in advance and the proof of the contrary cannot be imposed on the alleged party.

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