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AGA LAW Law Office provides consultancy services in electricity, wind, natural gas, solar energy, as well as renewable energy fields such as biomass and biofuel, in production, distribution and financing.

Some of the services provided by AGA LAW Law Office in the field of Energy and Mining Law:

• All kinds of license applications and amendments related to the energy market

• Establishment of energy companies, preparation of due diligence reports regarding these companies, share transfers

• Concession agreements

• Drilling and rehabilitation contracts

• Production sharing agreements

• Tax distribution agreements

• License agreements


The “accusation system” has been accepted in criminal proceedings. In order for a person convicted of committing a crime to be convicted, it must be proven one hundred percent that he/she has committed the crime that is the subject of the allegation. If it is not proven that the accused has committed the crime, a verdict of acquittal should be rendered on the grounds that he either did not commit the crime or did not renew the suspicion that he had committed the crime.

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