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  • Why AGA LAW?
    We serve you with a reliable, expert, honest, transparent, high-quality team that can provide service in 4 languages.
  • In which areas do you serve?
    International Law Department, Counseling Department, Litigation Department, Criminal Department, Enforcement Department, Intellectual and Property Rights Department within the body of AGA LAW Law Firm and the sub-departments of these departments are Business Law, Industry and Investment Law, Health Law, Banking and Finance Law. , Commercial Contracts, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Energy Law, Real Estate Law, Press Law, Administrative Law, Company Law, Consumer Law, Competition Law, Foreigners and Citizenship Law. AGA LAW Law Firm provides legal support to foreign investor companies that want to invest in Iraq and Erbil region and provides legal services in the resolution of disputes.
  • Can I only get consultancy service?
    Of course, you can only receive consultancy services.
  • How can I give a power of attorney?
    You can give a power of attorney from any notary public in Turkey through international power of attorney or from any notary public in Iraq.
  • May I know if there is a lawsuit filed against me?
    Yes, we offer this service as AGA LAW, you can learn.
  • Can I access all the documents in the case file ?
    Yes, you can access after giving power of attorney.
  • What are the litigation stages?
    The stages of litigation vary according to the type of case.
  • Is it compulsory to have a lawyer?
    Many stages have this requirement.
  • What is the attorney's fee?
    This information varies according to the operation to be performed. You can contact us to learn about this subject.
  • Can I get answers to my questions via e-mail?
    You can get preliminary information.
  • Can I get answers to my questions over the phone?
    You can get preliminary information.
  • Do lawsuits take long?
    It varies according to the subject of the case.
  • How can we reach you?
    You can reach us via phone, mail, WhatApp and the address indicated on the map in the contact section.
Avukatlık Bürosu
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