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AGA LAW Law Office specializes in the establishment, dissolution, merger/acquisition and conversion of domestic and foreign companies in the field of Corporate Law.

Some of the services provided by AGA LAW Law Office in the field of Corporate Law:


• Holding company general assembly meetings

• Capital increases/reductions

• Consultancy within the scope of capital market legislation

• Prevention of unfair competition, consultancy within the scope of consumer legislation

• Establishment of liaison offices

• Trademark registration procedures

• Commercial Agreements

Kitapların Üzerinde Hakim Tokmağı


It is a state that first complies with the rules of law, does not allow the use of arbitrary power, and does not prevent its transactions and actions from being subject to legal control. "Hierarchy of norms" is valid in the state of law. The norm in the lower order should not be contrary to the upper norm and should not be applied by ignoring the upper norm.

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